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Get Through the Winter More Comfortably With These Smart Adjustments

When you live with asthma, winter is a complicated season. The cold, wind and snow will slow anyone down; but when those triggers threaten your ability to breathe, discomfort can quickly turn into danger.

The two major culprits behind winter asthma woes are cold, dry air and a surge in respiratory infections, like the flu. Both of these will challenge your breathing, worsen your symptoms, and raise your chances of having an asthma attack. However, there is plenty you can do to reduce the risks and keep your asthma in check all season long.

1. Get a Flu Shot

Protect against winter’s biggest respiratory threat by getting your annual flu shot. The vaccine is recommended for most people over age 6, and strongly recommended for anyone at higher risk for respiratory problems. Asthma doesn’t make you more likely to contract the flu, but it can mean more severe symptoms and serious complications if you do get sick.

There are two versions of the flu vaccine: injected and inhaled. The inhaled nasal spray is made with a live virus, while the traditional shot injects a deactivated virus into the body. Those with asthma should always get the injected form.

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